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In this technological age, social networking sites have become An integral aspect of our lives. You can find millions of users that need to join and also try socializing with their near and dear ones. The technology giant created Facetime especially for its users to savor the video calling feature, and it has been used extensively in all of the iPhone versions since its inception. But, Apple is yet to release a PC version of this program, which explains why the need for Facetime to get PC continues to be increasing with each passing day. In most Apple products, Facetime app comes inbuilt because of its users. So day by day Facetime to get Mac and iOS became a massive hit, and nearly every iPhone fanatic uses this video calling app nowadays.


We'd be honest here that Facetime is Not officially available on Windows PC, as Apple has exclusively made this program for its iOS devices just. So, getting Facetime for PC running on Windows OS is officially not possible at all. However, you may make use of the help of this BlueStacks emulator which successfully runs FaceTime onto Windows desktop or laptop. Using this technique you could even install Facetime for Android without any trouble.Or you will refer some of the Facetime app alternatives for Windows along with Android which we will soon be mentioned in this article only.

What is Facetime


According to its dedicated webpage At Wikipedia Facetime is a video telephony product, also it had been initially released way back in 2010 for iOS devices. This video calling program was officially introduced by the great Steve Jobs who had been the CEO of Apple at the time. Apple has acquired the "FaceTime For Android" from FaceTime Communications, and the name and also the functionalities of this app made severe havoc in Apple App store.

Facetime is very much accessible amongst the iPhone Users. Specifically, even the top celebrities like Rihanna utilizes this program on a routine basis. Therefore, if you question is "What is Facetime", then I would state that it's such a program which helps us to stay associated with our loved ones while staying far away from these. But, what if you are a Windows or Android users, well technically you can't run Facetime on Windows (or Android), and you should subside with Facetime Alternatives for Windows like Skype or hang-out at the least for that time being. However, we have this article right here where we will be guiding you on how to download and utilize Facetime for PC running on any Windows OS versions and Facetime to get Android for free of charge.

Features of Facetime

Let's check out the attributes of this lovely App named as Facetime and exactly what you will experience while using it on your Windows or Mac PC. Here are some superb features of Facetime:

  • Facetime provides much better audio quality than the mobile phone connection.
  • A mute option is also available in Facetime while you are on the telephone, so the caller will probably be able to see you, however, can't hear you.
  • Facetime is a very user-friendly program and is sold with the simple interface.
  • Facetime is free of cost and users don’t have to pay for it.
  • Facetime supports HD video calling.
  • It offers a real-time experience of meeting your friends and family.
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